We also have a professional nautical legal consultancy service.

From our legal department we provide specialised advice on legal matters to both freelancers and companies, aimed at satisfying a broad knowledge of regulations, contracts, litigation and legal compliance in the nautical sector.

Recreational boating, defined as any private or commercial activity revolving around motor boats, sailing boats, yachts and mega-yachts, is a legal network in which various legal disciplines are intertwined. Advice in this area of law requires extensive knowledge of maritime, civil, administrative, labour and commercial law as well as tax regulations at national, EU and international level.

Our clients include private and commercial yacht owners, companies providing all types of services, brokers, shipyards, marinas, professional seafarers and professional skippers in the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands.

The ordinary and extraordinary maritime needs that any boat owner has to face when acquiring a boat, make up the legal and material scope that constitutes our object of activity.

From the moment a boat is acquired until it ceases to belong to its owner, a multitude of obligations and requirements are generated, which our firm is able to deal with diligently and punctually, providing our clients with the necessary security throughout the process. This process involves procedures such as registration, inspection of the vessel, flagging or homologation of nautical titles and drafting of contracts, as well as insurance management or maritime tax management among others.


  • Comprehensive legal and tax advice to shipowners and companies in the nautical sector.
  • Advice and defence in administrative, civil, commercial, labour and criminal proceedings.
  • Registration of vessels in Spain, the Canary Islands and abroad.
  • Drafting of contracts of sale and purchase, commercial and charter exploitation.
  • Labour advice and crew contracts.
  • Administrative concessions. Purchase and rental of boats and moorings in Spain and abroad.