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In 2015, and after years of working for other nautical companies, we set ourselves the arduous task of founding the first nautical charter booking company created by young skippers who love the sea, moving away from the traditional exploitation of the cruise charter as such, worrying about details that until then went unnoticed when hiring a boat, combining three key factors: Crew, destination and vessel, where at that time, the usual thing was to find elderly skippers who always sailed along the same beaches and the same coasts and who most of the day were not willing to go more miles than necessary, thus avoiding the possibility of discovering new magical places that the islands have to offer.

Jorge Aparicio

39 years old, skipper, shipowner and sailor with more than 15.000 miles of sailing between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
Sailing between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, knows the nautical sector to perfection, a fundamental part in finding the boats and voyages that best suit each client according to their tastes and needs.

David Toldos

36 years old, skipper and engineer, his passion for sailing led him to abandon what had been his profession to dedicate himself to what he really loved, the sea.
his profession to devote himself to what he really loved, the sea.
He has lived in Ibiza for more than a decade and knows every corner of the Balearic Islands to perfection. His charisma and positivity will make your trips unique experiences.

Ailin Ghi

28 years old, a captain with a degree in tourism, she crossed the Atlantic Ocean to achieve her dream, which was none other than to dedicate her life to the sea.
She is an active member of Greenpeace, Argentinian by birth and Spanish by adoption. She has a unique vitality and positivity, as they say, “If you try it, you will repeat”.

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